Message to our Nurses and Caregivers

To all our great caregivers and nurses, I know these are difficult times and yet there you are on the front lines. Your dedication to duty is inspiring. People in the medical field know how important their services are and how valuable life is. Whether their client is 90 or are a newborn, they are all unique and have their own life stories. Most of our patients are people who raised their families and fought in the multiple wars, paid their taxes and made this country what it is today. There is a lot of finger-pointing because of the lack of supplies and hospital beds, but many people are working to correct these problems. We must all do our part, take a breath, keep away from groups and wash our hands, and keep ourselves and our clients safe. Be sure to look for HUMOR if even for a fleeting moment. When off duty you can be an advocate for clean drawers, clean out the clutter and get reacquainted with our own homes. Go to the grocery store when needed, wash your dishes in a dishwasher with hot water, wash your duty clothes in hot water, wash your fruits and vegetables, not in hot water, wash off plastic wrappers. The virus is out there just waiting to infect you and you can control it with soap and water and staying at home. Do not go to work with a cold, Runny nose or a cough. Report any patients that have a fever of 101 to the office. All administrative personnel are working from home and will answer questions call the office with questions during working hours, and Monica will make certain that you are put in contact with the correct person. Please all of you stay safe and wash your hands.

• Shelter in Place
• Wash your hands
• Clean off Groceries
Viruses will attack you if someone coughs or sneezes in your presence
The viruses can live on surfaces for various amounts of time some surfaces for days make sure to constantly clean all surfaces.
Wash your hands (Laugh at funny videos)

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