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I am a social worker and not a qualified nurse. I address alternatives for people avoiding hospitalization by offering information on how to get a licensed home care order from your physician. You must have a qualifying change of status.

If you don’t qualify for home care, I suggest checking with Home Health Care Inc., a private nurse organization. In order to qualify for a Licensed Home Care order from your physician, you will need to show a Change In Status.

Change In Status examples include:

  • a fall that requires a safety evaluation from a licensed Home Health Care physical therapist
  • a medication reaction that creates a major change in baseline status
  • a significant change in your medical condition
  • problems addressing areas such as high or low blood sugar, high or low blood pressure, any other major medical changes that require you to be homebound and receiving treatment from a licensed Home Care provider
  • nursing and physical therapy would prevent you from needing a hospitalization

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